Counselling is an opportunity for you to be heard, a chance for you to gain a different perspective and a deeper understanding of who you are and the choices you have. Counselling provides a non-judgemental space for you to explore your own thoughts and feelings about the difficulties you may be having. You may be experiencing a difficult time in your life, you may be unsure about what you are feeling or what has brought you to counselling, you may find yourself just not feeling 'right'. I can work with you to explore what might be going on for you and how you can attempt to feel better. 


There are many different types of counselling available and it is important for you to find a counsellor you can feel comfortable with. I am an Integrative Humansitic Counsellor which means I believe you are the expert on you. I will work with you on the issues you want to explore and a pace that is comfortable for you. 


My approach is different with each client I see depending on their needs at the time. I appreciate that as clients change I adapt how we work together. I integrate Person Centred, TA and Gestalt techniques into my work depending on the needs of my clients.  I will offer you a confidential, safe environment for you to be heard and be supported.